1/32 Slot Car Videos

1/32 Slot Car Racing 

When designing your 1/32 slot car layout the
sky is the limit.  This video shows a 1/32 slot
car track that was custom built down to the
smallest detail.  This is one of the best looking
1/32 layouts we have seen.

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1/32 Slot Car Home Set

Out of the box, most 1/32 slot car sets are two
lanes and can ben set up on any surface.  This 
video shows a 1/32 slot car Carrera Digital set.
The majority of 1/32 slot cars can be used on any brand of 1/32 slot car set.

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1/32 Slot Car Drag Racing

Drag race your 1/32 slot cars! This video is a great example of the flexability you have when designing a 1/32 slot car layout for your home.  The best way to start is to buy a 1/32 slot car race set and play with the track pieces until you find a layout you like.

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Slot Cars on TV

If you do not have a 1/24 slot car raceway in
your area you can still race slot cars by building a track in your home.  HO and 1/32 Slot Cars are small enough to build a track in your home and race with friends and family.  Home slot car tracks are also a great way to practice for the next big slot car race.

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